My body, my choice?

“My body, my choice.” There. I said it. Who would’ve thought that as the epitome of everything that’s supposedly wrong in 21st century America (I’m white, male, middle class, conservative, Christian, “Pro Life”…need I go on?) that this “deplorable” would suddenly embrace the mantra of the “Pro Choice” movement? In fact, there are many “ProContinue reading “My body, my choice?”

Where does the Trinity really come from?

Part 3 of the video series, “Understanding the Trinity,” is now available on YouTube. It provides a brief overview of the Trinity’s connection to the philosophy of Aristotle, whose theory of “substances” heavily influenced the early church and eventually found its way into official doctrine via the doctrine of the Trinity. Granted, the Trinity certainlyContinue reading “Where does the Trinity really come from?”

We’re on YouTube!

We live in a digital age, and so I’m excited to announce the launch of our YouTube channel where we have just released our first two videos! They are the first two installments of a multi-part series that will (hopefully!) appeal to those who would prefer to watch a series of short videos rather thanContinue reading “We’re on YouTube!”

What is the “Godhead”?

Whenever you talk about the Trinity, one concept that is bound to come up is referred to as the “Godhead.” And…surprise, surprise…here we find yet another “essential” aspect of Christian theology that cannot be found in the Bible. Now I’m sure that fans of the King James Version (among others) will be quick to protest,Continue reading “What is the “Godhead”?”

Is God a Trinity?

Generally speaking, there are two parties involved in any legal dispute. The party who initiates the complaint is known as the plaintiff, whereas the defendant is the party who has allegedly wronged the plaintiff in some way. Moreover, since the plaintiff is asking the court to use the power of the state to force theContinue reading “Is God a Trinity?”


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